Fellowship Opportunities

Cornerstone is currently looking for recent graduates from accredited Endodontic programs who have a desire to take their training to the next level. This is a paid fellowship program that lasts 16 Months. Locations are varied, and applicants must be willing to contribute where the need is the greatest. Openings are limited, and the selection process is rigorous. But to those who participate, the practical experience is invaluable.

Why do a Cornerstone Fellowship?


  • Get experience with 100’s of procedures under direct and indirect mentorship in a commercial environment, while learning the latest techniques and treatment planning approaches in a busy private clinical setting
  • Prepare and document all needed requirements for “Diplomate” status.
  • Understand how teams work in private practice, a skill that is critical for long term success
  • Get access to various products and technologies that may not have been a part of your residency
  • Receive leadership training that will serve you in your future practice and in the communities you serve
  • Learn to place Dental Implants and perform other emerging treatments provided by the Endodontic community
  •  Shoulder to Shoulder Mentorship with Endodontist that have been practicing for decades or longer
  • Receive advanced training and hands on workshops at TSERV the Foundation headed by Dr. Mahmoud Torabinejad a leading a Endodontic, author, pioneer, and thought leader. (TSERV is an independent non-profit foundation ).
  • After 16 Months our fellows will be fully prepared to manage a private practice, or many choose to stay on with Cornerstone and fulfill their career desires here. Compensation includes a housing allowance, student loan relief, and a modest salary with production bonuses available after the 1st 6 months. To learn more APPLY HERE or fill out a Contact Request.