Our History

Cornerstone Dental Specialties set out over 22 years ago to answer these questions; “How do we deliver Endodontic services through a unique platform that is simple, better, and faster? How could a Practice serve its associates, its referrals, and most important, their mutual patient’s more effectively?” The answer was combining state of the art technology, collaborative treatment planning methods, improved communication, state of the art equipment,along with algorithms honed by dozens of talented Endodontists over 100’s of thousands of cases.

To continue with “Old” methods that left many referrals feeling out of the loop, and left patients falling into “Black Holes”shuffling back and forth from Referral to Endodontist back to Referral, in a seemly endless loop, was just not acceptable to Dr. Abedi. At this point he and a few Pioneers realized they could simply bring the Endodontist to the referral and treat them in the comfort of their own office. Removing all kinds of barriers.

Of course, as an early adopter, Dr. Abedi took a few arrows. Seeing around corners is a gift, and Dr. Abedi has it. Over time he secured more and more private practice GP clients, as well as, formed a strong alliance with a major DSO,  all the while the market for this service continued to get stronger and stronger. Cornerstone has emerged as the market leader in scale and size with a team of 30 Endodontists serving over 190 locations.

It’s an American Dream story and we are just finishing the first Chapter. Come over and be a part of the next series of Chapters, they are only going to get better!

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