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Your Practice … Our Platform TM


As an “Owner” of your private mobile surgical practice, you not only receive compensation for the work performed, but you also actively participate in the shared profits of the asset entity. With a small upfront investment, you will partner with us to provide Mobile Endodontic Services in a defined area, with unlimited growth. This model contracts with forward thinking General Dentist who are tired of sending their patients into the referral abyss not knowing if they received treatment, or if they will return. Patients also do not like the existing system and prefer to have their root canals performed at their referring dental office. We also offer a way for the General Dentist to monetize this service for themselves.

Once you define where you want to live and practice, our business development team will go into action and work with you to find clients. Most of our providers become full-time with just 12-14 Practices. We will also immediately start to build your custom platform, usually a Mercedes van, that will be equipped with all the technology needed to perform industry leading treatment. Including Mobile CBCT, Microscopes, Supplies and Equipment. Our leading-edge Patient Management system is cloud based and we manage all the logistics on your behalf. We will work with you to find, hire, and train your dedicated Dental Assistant/Patient Advocate.

So, if ownership is your desire and you are comfortable with reasonable risk, we want to talk to you. We welcome New Residents, Experienced Endodontist, and General Dentist who love doing Root Canals and want to dedicate their practice to this profession.

Call Jason Garey at 615-766-3600


Independent Contractor


Cornerstone Dental Specialties is our DSO and large group practice platform. Our providers are assigned a select vetted group of contracted offices in key markets where our clients have the capacity to deliver 16-18 days of full-time work. In this model you will contract with the client’s insurance network and utilize their infrastructure. They bill on our behalf and pay us a portion of the collections. We in turn compensate you. The beauty of this is we have already secured a robust patient flow and we fully support you as you ramp up your practice.

We provide all the equipment, supplies and logistics. You will have an assigned Mentor who has worked in this environment on average for over 10 years, and a team of support personal that will allow you to focus on your clinical outcomes. Nothing else, just show up do your root canals and leave. The average compensation level is 25-30% higher than the average Endodontist with none of the hassle of starting or joining as an associate in private practice.

We are currently offering generous incentives and signing bonuses for those clinicians willing to live in our high demand markets. We also offer relocation and if needed assistance with immigration. (Restricted to some States and School requirements). So, if you are ready to start earning above market compensation, are willing to work in a distributed mobile environment, we want to talk to you. We welcome New Residents, Experienced Endodontist, and General Dentist who love doing Root Canals and want to dedicate their practice to this profession.

Call Judy Forsythe at 951-227-3752