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Who We Are

Cornerstone Dental Specialties was started by doctors and is for doctors. Cornerstone’s success is based around the capability to give Dentists all the tools necessary so that they are able to maximize their potential.

Root Canal
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Dentist Owned, Professionally Managed

By having practicing Dentists among our management and ownership we’re capable of providing the care and support you need to excel in dentistry. Not only do we have a team of industry professionals to assist you with HR, operations, billing, and accounting but we also have a team providing resources for continual education and access to the newest technology and research advancements within dentistry. 


Cornerstone Dental Specialties is growing across the nation. Come discover why dental professionals are choosing a career with us. Don’t see the location you would like to practice at on the map? Contact us now we would love to chat about it. 

Providing the best dental care throughout the United States.

Practice Designed for You & Your Lifestyle

Understanding the necessity of work life balance is a core aspect of our dental business model. Allowing our dentists to focus on dentistry by entirely handling everything from billing to scheduling, providing an experienced Endo advocate to make sure your transition goes smoothly. Our state-of-the-art app allows everything to be at your fingertips such as ordering new supplies with the press of a button. Along with having access to the Cornerstone Training Institute and the latest state of the art technology when it comes to dental care.

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