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Building Strong Partnerships with Endodontic Dental Offices for Comprehensive Patient Care

Are you looking to transition all or some of your practice equity? Are you an Associate Endodontist seeking a way to take some ownership stake with a partner who has 20+ years of experience. Then we would love to talk to you about our options.

Cornerstone is one of the largest Endodontic Groups in the US. Unlike other organizations we work like a Law or Accounting Firm. Our ownership opportunities are at the Practice Level, so you have total control of your long-term investment and 100% full clinical autonomy.

If you are a current Practice Owner and want to transition all or some of your equity, we have massive flexibility in deal structure. We are not bank or PE owned we are owned by Endodontist; our executive team and Endodontic board make all decisions and we can move quickly. No long-term contracts, no crawl backs, no forced compensation in stock. We deal in Cash.

For more information contact Phil Roth at 1.954.873.3321 Or