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Why join Cornerstone?

Cornerstone Dental Specialties comprehensive solutions allows you to create your own future. Providing you with multiple different paths and opportunities that are only possible with Cornerstone’s specialized support.

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Why Endodontists join Cornerstone

Cornerstone Guides You to Professional and Financial Success, along with Ensuring You Are Compensated at the Highest Rate within Industry Standards.

You will be guided by a practicing senior Clinician who will help you through our developed algorithms that have been developed and perfected over the past 15 years. You will also have access to world class training in our new state of the art training center located in Irvine. Offering cutting edge education taught by world class instructors with years of practical experience.

CDS understands that not every individual has the same financial or professional goals. With that in mind we offer flexible schedules and days per month committed. We have Endodontists that work 20 days a month and others that work 8 days a month. Our goal is to collaborate with you to determine what scenario works best for our clients and our Endodontic team members.

We provide you with non-clinical administrative support in accounting, HR, IT, management information systems, marketing, advertising, payroll administration, billing, personnel recruitment, and supply/equipment procurement. This allows you to focus on what you do best, Dentistry!

We want you to focus on treatment plans and patient outcomes using best-in-class tools and materials. Having a full schedule without worrying about all the things a Private Practice Endodontist deals with daily.

Our Custom Mobile App facilitates schedule management, financials, educational resources, and communication. You will have access to Cornerstone proprietary products, systems, and algorithms that have been tested over 15 years by dozens of experienced Endodontists.


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